Chicken/Pork/ Tofu $10.95
Beef$ 11.95 Prawn $12.95 Seafood $16.95
* means Already Started with Some Spiciness
@ means Contain Peanuts

Pad Thai @
Rice noodle stir fried with bean sprout, green onion, and egg in
tangy tamarind sauce, ground peanut

Pad See- Eiw
Flat rice noodle stir fried with broccoli and egg

Kee Mao *
Flat rice noodle stir fried with egg, bamboo, onion, tomato, bell pepper,
broccoli, and basil in house special chili paste sauce

Rama Shower Noodle @
Pan-fried egg noodle on top of mixed vegetables with homemade peanut sauce

Duck Noodle Flat rice noodle or egg noodle $14.95
Cinnamon duck in brown soup, stuffed wonton, spinach, bean sprout and
green onion, crispy garlic