* means Already Started with Some Spiciness
@ means Contain Peanuts

Coconut Tawai * Chicken/Tofu $10.95 Prawn $12.95
Steamed eggplant, green bean, bean sprout, spinach, and carrot in
special homemade coconut dressing

Som Tum * @ $13.95
Green Papaya, bean, tomato, carrot in chili lime dressing mixed in
with shrimp, peanut, and fresh garlic

Kao Nham Tod * @ $12.95
Crispy curry rice and minced chicken in house spicy tangy dressing mixed in with
red onion, green onion, cilantro, ginger, kaffir leaves, and toasted peanut

Yum Kai Special * @ $11.95
Steamed chicken, bell pepper, onion special homemade chili paste dressing
bedding with fresh greens topped with peanut and cashew nut

Neua Nam Tok * $13.95
Grilled well done or medium rare beef in chili lime dressing with
cilantro, onion, mint and toasted rice

Larb Kai * $10.95
Minced chicken in chili lime dressing red onion, green onion,
cilantro and toasted rice