Chicken/Pork/ Tofu $10.95
Beef$ 11.95    Prawn $12.95    Seafood $16.95
* means Already Started with Some Spiciness
@ means Contain Peanuts

Honey Cashew Nut Crispy Chicken/ Crispy Tofu $13.95
Deep fried in honey homemade special sauce with snow pea, onion,
carrot, bell pepper, cashew nut

Cashew Nut
Stir fried with homemade sauce with snow pea, onion, broccoli,
carrot and bell pepper, cashew nut

Sauteed Mixed Veggies
Stir fried broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, green bean, carrot in house seasoning sauce

Basil Eggplant *
Stir fried eggplant with basil, chili, onion, bell pepper in house special sauce

Spicy Green Bean *
Stir fried green bean, red bell pepper in chili paste sauce

Garlic Lovers
Stir fried with fresh garlic, in house seasoning sauce bedding
with steam broccoli and carrot

Radiant Broccoli Brussels
Stir fried broccoli and Brussels sprout in house delight sauce

Crispy Garlic Supreme Crispy Chicken/Tofu $12.95 Crispy Salmon $16.95
Deep fried crispy garlic in house seasoning with golden vegetables
(kabocha, onion, broccoli, carrot)

Chili Chili * Minced Lamb $16.95
Stir fried with homemade fresh chili paste, bamboo shoot, green bean, hot basil,
and bell pepper