* means Already Started with Some Spiciness
@ means Contain Peanuts

Crispy Coco Tofu @ (6) $5.95
Deep fried battered tofu with crumbs and coconut served with
plum sauce and roasted peanuts

Spring Roll (4) $5.95
Deep fried rice paper wrap stuffed with vegetables and glass
noodle served with plum sauce

Flute Roll (4) $7.95
Deep fried rice paper wrap stuffed with prawn, crab, cream cheese and cheddar
cheese served with basil cream sauce

Garden Roll @ (4) $5.95
Fresh rice paper wrap, fresh greens with crispy wonton served in house sauce

Rock N’ Roll @ (6) $11.95
Assortment plate with spring roll, flute roll, and garden roll for variety of taste

Golden Coco Prawn (3) $7.95
Seasoned deep fried battered shrimp with coconut served with house garden relish

Dancing Wonton (5) $7.95
Steamed juicy stuffed wonton with minced chicken, shrimp, and water chestnut
bedded with lettuce topped with house spicy tangy sauce and crispy garlic

Satay @ (5) Chicken $8.95 Lamb $10.95
Seasoned, skewed, and grilled meat served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

Two Type Satay @ (6) $12.95
Taste of chicken and lamb satay