Lunch Combination

Lunch Combination

Level of spiciness   * mild    ** medium   *** hot    **** very hot          
Indicator *contains spicy sauce and chili     @contains peanuts and other nuts

Served from 11:30am -2:30pm Monday to Friday. Excluded holidays
Served with steamed white rice.
Selection of combination cannot be changed.
Add $2.25 substitution of steamed brown rice.
Add$3.75 substitution of steamed mix veggies (chef selection)

Choices of protein for combination 1 to 6

  • Chicken/Pork/Tofu/Veggie $11.99
  • Beef $12.99     
  • Prawn $12.99  
  • Salmon $14.99

Com1. Deep Fried Spring Roll- Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts

Com2. Deep Fried Spring Roll- Spicy Green Bean*

Com3. Deep Fried Spring Roll-Green Curry*

Com4. Fresh Garden Roll- Rama Shower@ (mix veggies topped with peanut sauce)

Com5. Pad Thai Veggie- Red Curry*@

Com6. Pad Thai Veggie- Cashew Nut*@

Com7. Pad Thai Veggie- No Stick Chicken Satay@ $11.99

Com8. Fresh Garden Roll- Honey Cashew Nut Crispy Chicken*@ $13.99 (deep fried battered chicken)

Com9. Fresh Garden Roll- Totally Crispy Garlic and Tofu@ $13.99 (deep fried battered veggie and tofu)