Street Food

Street Food - Thailand Most Popular Dishes

* means Already Started with Some Spiciness
@ means Contain Peanuts

E-Sarn Set * @ $13.95
A Northeastern style platter with papaya salad, fried chicken
wings with lemongrass, sticky rice

Lord Noodle $11.95
Steamed rice noodle bamboo shoot, tofu, bean sprout, and minced chicken
in house sauce, green onion, cilantro, and crispy garlic

Beef Stew Noodle Soup $11.95
Choice of rice noodle or egg noodle, bean sprout, green onion,
cilantro in aroma beef stew soup

Sriracha Ruam Mit Noodle $13.95
Stir fried wide flat rice noodle with carrot, chicken, prawn and squid bedding
with fresh lettuce serve with Sriracha sauce top with shredded crispy wonton

Bangkok Chicken Noodle Soup @ $10.95
Choice of rice or egg noodle with chicken, bean sprout, green onion, cilantro in
clear chicken broth topped with crispy garlic, toasted peanut and crispy wonton

Hot Basil Chicken Fried Egg * $12.95
Stir fried hot basil, bell pepper, green bean onion chicken over steamed
rice top with sunny side up egg

Pork Belly Cinnamon $13.95
Pork Belly and egg stew in cinnamon and five spices side with
spinach and steamed rice